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When you can no longer work due to an injury, you need the right Social Security Disability and personal injury attorneys to help you receive benefits. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, Mordhorst Law will do just that!

A Compromise

In short, Workers' Compensation was originally a compromise between employees and employers wherein workers give up the right to sue in exchange for benefits in the short term. Each state, however, has its own process and logistics. In Virginia, the process is governed by the Virginia Worker's Compensation Act, which is comprised of constantly evolving laws.
These laws are complicated and confusing, but fear not. Our attorneys are ready to help you with any issue that's applicable to injured workers.
We Cover:
  • Heavy Machinery Accidents
  • Office Work Accidents
  • Head Injuries & Brain Trauma
  • Back Injuries
  • Construction Accidents
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Truckers, Movers, & Drivers Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Nurses & Hospital Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Defenses to Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Production & Assembly Line Work Accidents
  • Industrial, Manufacturing, & Warehouse Accidents
  • Occupational Diseases & Injuries
We Also Assist with:
  • Aggravation of Preexisting Injuries
  • Settlements of Claims
  • Interactions between Social Security & Workers' Compensation Benefits
  • Medical Care under Workers' Compensation
SSD & Workers' Comp
The interaction between Social Security Disability and Worker's Compensation benefits becomes more important when people decide to settle a workers' compensation claim. If the proper language is not included in settlement documentation, you may end up in a financial catastrophe of having your SSD benefits reduced drastically.
Personal Injury Claims:
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Wrongful Deaths & More
Personal Injury
Like workers' compensation, personal injury cases can become extremely complex, especially those involving third-party accidents. For example, settling a workers' compensation claim without the workers' compensation carrier's approval may result in the forfeiture of any additional Workers' Compensation benefits.

Additionally, the Worker's Compensation carrier is entitled to be reimbursed for benefits paid and later recovered by a claimant from a third party. Once all is said and done, there may be drastic consequences for misunderstanding how these facets of Workers' Compensation law go together. For more than a quarter century, we have been working solely on these issues and understand even the most subtle interactions between them.

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