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A job site injury is unquestionably a serious and sometimes even overwhelming event. In addition to the immediate needs of physical recovery and rehabilitation, working with doctors and insurance companies can add a further level of stress. Although workers' compensation benefits can provide medical care and income to injured workers, the process can be difficult and can end catastrophically when claimants are not prepared.

By partnering with a skilled Manassas lawyer, claimants can ensure that they take the proper steps to obtain benefits, staying afloat financially while they resolve their claims.

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For more than 25 years, our staff has been helping people obtain workers' compensation benefits. If you or someone close to you has been injured on the job, we encourage you to reach out.

We at understand that the workers' compensation or SSD (Social Security Disability) process can be difficult and that understanding deadlines and filing requirements can be overwhelming. Many general practicing lawyers do not have the skill and understanding to ideally navigate these subtle areas. Robert A. Mordhorst and our team have decades of experience focused solely on the issues of injured workers. This enables us to maximize all compensation to which you are entitled if you have been injured: in workers' compensation benefits, Social Security Disability benefits or in personal injury litigation/negotiation.

We understand the complexity of these cases and deliberately keep our caseloads manageable so that we can give each case the attention it deserves.

We have experience representing people from all industries who have been injured on the job: factory workers, construction workers, office workers, airport workers, moving and storage company workers, warehouse employees, nurses and other medical professionals, and more.

We can often help you optimally settle a claim because we are able to efficiently and rationally assess the value of your workers' compensation case, and we bring a comprehensive understanding of how workers' benefits affect each other. These competencies and our unrelenting client advocacy have helped hundreds of clients reach ideal resolutions. We are ready to help you do the same.

We take all cases on contingency and never collect attorney's fees unless you obtain the benefits you deserve.

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