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There are seemingly innumerable myths, biases and misconceptions about Social Security Disability benefits. Because we have been working on these issues for more than a quarter century, we at MordhorstLaw in Manassas have seen them all. Some common misconceptions include:
"SSD is an 'entitlement' program/government handout and claimants are just too lazy to work."
SSD is an insurance, like any other. If you are currently working you are paying for it, and if you worked, you were paying for it. You pay in when you are healthy and if you become disabled (through no fault of your own), you can make a claim. It is funded by payroll deductions and if you have paid enough into the system, you owe it to yourself to understand the nuances of eligibility. This common misconception fuels the misconception that ...
"I can only qualify if I am of a certain age or suffer from a certain condition and I have not worked enough years."
While there are reasons for these assumptions, there are no sweeping statements when it comes to SSD. You may also qualify for SSI and other benefits. Before coming to any conclusion, it is critical to seek out the advice of an experienced professional.
"I only have a temporary disability and my claim will probably get denied initially."
Your claim may well be denied — the vast majority do get denied. Many, however, get approved on appeal, and claimants who partner with a skilled lawyer are as likely to obtain benefits. It can also be difficult to predict the extent of the disability, particularly with certain types of injuries. This is why it is critical to reach out to an expert.
We are committed to working directly with you and applying more than a quarter century of experience to understand your situation and whether or not you qualify for benefits. We encourage you to bring any questions or concerns you have about the process or benefits so that we can help you fully understand your situation and how you can take ideal action.

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